Catalan independence to be proclaimed on Monday, says CUP

Far-left partners to governing coalition want the regional leader to appear in parliament


No man’s land

Like many others, I find myself in a silent place where there is no chanting and no slogans, a place where only white flags wave in the wind

Catalan bid for independence

Catalan police leader under investigation for sedition by High Court

The force will try to prove that it complied with the orders of prosecutors and judges

Catalan bid for independence

How many people were really injured during the Catalan referendum?

President of a pro-independence association says a figure like this “has not existed in Europe since World War II”


A Catalan government that is anti-Catalan

Faced with an insurgency, a political proposal that will attract a majority of the region’s population must urgently be crafted

Catalan independence referendum

Address to the nation by Felipe VI

The full text in English of the statement by the monarch, who sent a message of “calm, confidence and hope” to the population

Catalan independence referendum

King Felipe VI makes rare address to the nation as Catalan crisis deepens

During the speech, the monarch sent a message of “calm, confidence and hope” to the population


In search of the world’s richest woman

L’Oreal heiress Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers and owner of Wal-Mart, Alice Walton, contest the crown

Referendum in Catalonia

Tens of thousands take to streets of Catalonia on day of general strike

Catch up with our coverage from Tuesday after unions called stoppages in response to actions by Spanish National Police and Civil Guard on Sunday