Against the essence of the United States

The US Supreme Court’s decision allowing the application of the toughest aspects of Trump’s travel ban is bad news

Why the next tech revolution will be a female affair

In Spain, companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Siemens, IBM and Microsoft are all run by women. This is no coincidence. There is a drive from the top to attract female talent to an industry routinely dominated by men. Because, besides being ethical, it makes economic sense. Nowadays, it is commonly held that only companies with a diverse workforce will survive. And so the women in this feature are working to reverse the longstanding trend for girls to turn their back on careers involving technology and engineering. It is a huge challenge, but one they have gladly taken on


‘Risky’: how minors play cat-and-mouse in Melilla in bid to get to Spain

Dozens of young people regularly hop over the border fence, only to be apprehended by the Civil Guard and sent back again


Terror suspect arrested in Mallorca was planning “massacre” on the island

Judge sends four alleged Islamic terrorists detained on Wednesday in Spain to prison

political philosphy

Slavoj Žižek, the viral philosopher

Controversial Slovenian made popular through his YouTube videos spoke to huge crowd in Madrid


Immigrants return to Spain after seven years of crisis-led decline

In a first since 2009, there were more migrant arrivals than departures in 2016 as population grew 0.19%


Fighting for the right to be different

Three generations of Spain’s LGBT community talk about the difficulties of coming out