Spanish PM seeks to allay fears of Greek contagion

Ibex 35 benchmark index closes down 4.56%, the biggest drop since August 2012 Analysts say a Grexit would have a “limited” effect on Spain's recovery in the short term

Rainbow flags fly from official buildings in Madrid and Valencia

New leaders to emerge from May 24 elections embrace LGTB rights ahead of Gay Pride

Latin America

The Mexican oil treasure found by a fisherman

In 1961 Rudesindo Cantarell saw a dark patch that led to the discovery of a huge reserve Now the site is being studied as an example of the poor management of state oil

Latin America

An open letter to Donald Trump from the daughter of a Mexican migrant

Adriana Almanza’s post has gotten more than 325,000 likes on Facebook


How Spaniards fell in love with Jägermeister

The country has become the fifth largest market worldwide for the German liqueur


Spain swelters in heatwave, with red alert issued in Córdoba

Skies are clear in practically all areas, with just a few cloudy spells expected in parts


Stock market loses ground on Greek news while Rajoy calls urgent meeting

Economy minister says Spain safe against potential fallout from the debt crisis in Greece


Six-year-old boy who contracted diphtheria dies in hospital

Child’s parents had not vaccinated him despite free service from health authorities He became the first case of the disease seen in Spain since 1987


Apple Watch goes on sale in Spain for more than in France and Germany

Tech giant offering 38 models at prices ranging from €419 to €18,400