latin america

Residents of Rio’s ‘favelas’ rail against violence caused by police occupation

Indiscriminate searches and deaths of bystanders in shantytowns prompt communities to react

death of a literary great

The last days of García Márquez

The family of the Nobel Prize-winning author fiercely guarded his private life to the end


A world has died

Nobel Prize-winning writer Gabriel García Márquez encouraged Latin Americans to give voice to their dramas and challenges


15 new official suspects named in Andalusia layoff fund inquiry

Former Popular Party deputy for Jaén among those mentioned in Judge Alaya’s latest writ


‘Ocho apellidos vascos’ becomes most-seen Spanish movie ever

Romantic comedy overtakes national box office figure set by Amenábar’s ‘The Others’

air accident

Search team finds remains of crashed rescue helicopter off Fuerteventura

Bodies of four crew members located inside cabin, which is 2,362 meters below the surface

social networks

Prosecutor to investigate Twitter account for making jokes about disabilities

@HumorrNegro feed, which has 164,000 followers, will also be probed for inciting racial hatred

road safety

Easter traffic deaths up from last year

A total of 32 people lost their lives on Spanish roads between April 11 and midnight Sunday

Casa Pepe: a little piece of Franco’s Spain

Forty years after the return to democracy, the memory of military rule lives on in one Andalusia bar


That outfit you’re wearing lacks the proper decorum... Your Honor

New legislation may see court clerks face sanctions for not coming to work in appropriate dress

regional politics

PNV announces new strategy to establish independent Basque nation

Regional leader Iñigo Urkulla calls for “dialogue, agreement and ratification” with Spain