"Friend of Morocco" Rajoy makes jovial start to diplomacy

Mutual praise flows during prime minister's first official visit abroad

Madrid animal activists keep wolf from store

Publicity stunt for children's series stymied as Civil Guard brought in to protect endangered species

Medical group accused of "privatizing transplants"

Spanish medical chief points finger at German organization charging recipients to cover costs

Emphasis on youth key to Espanyol's success this season

Pochettino's side scores three in five minutes to rescue cup tie

Spain keen to keep presence on ECB's executive board

Popular Party government due to propose substitute for González Páramo

Minister wants budget busting to be a crime

Profligate politicians should face criminal charges, Montoro says; Valencia among regions to benefit from funding package


Upside-down justice

The Gürtel corruption network brings to trial Judge Garzón, who uncovered its workings

The ongoing tug-of-war for control of the Cervantes Institute

Vargas Llosa's rejection reflects struggle between ministries

Nadal on cruise control

Second seed passes Haas test; López, Almagro also win


Obama's three wars

Is the Peace Prize president preparing to up the ante against Iran, or will he keep the US role in the background?

Valencia opens inquiry into faulty breast implants

French PIP company, health authorities and doctors to be probed for role in health scare

Fiscal crimes officer backs up Garzón in wiretap misconduct trial

Police agent refutes claims that crusading judge ordered surveillance to listen in to defense plans