Video | Lava flow razes neighborhood on Spanish island of La Palma

Aerial footage, recorded on Wednesday morning, shows the scale of the destruction left in Todoque after it was hit by the river of molten rock

Footage of the Todoque neighborhood in La Palma being devoured by a lava flow.Video: Antonio Carrillo

The lava flow from the eruption of a new volcano in La Palma, in Spain’s Canary Islands, reached the neighborhood of Todoque in the town of Los Llanos de Aridane on Wednesday morning. Locals were given just one hour of access to the area to rescue what they could from their homes before the river of molten rock descended, swallowing up houses, crops and businesses. The volcanic eruption that began on Sunday in Cabeza de Vaca, inside the crater-filled Cumbre Vieja natural park, has wreaked havoc on the island with tongues of lava destroying everything in their path as they near the sea. The scale of the damage in Todoque can be seen in this aerial footage provided by Antonio Carrillo, which was filmed at 9am on Wednesday.

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