The best weather forecasting apps to avoid downpours and heat waves

Mobile applications constantly receive data from millions of sensors around the world, so they can warn in real time of possible weather variations in almost any location

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In the current climate of sudden weather fluctuations and extreme temperatures, conventional forecasts can quickly become obsolete, or they might not be as accurate or useful as one would like. Who hasn’t been caught in a summer storm after the morning’s forecast announced clear skies? Weather forecasting apps offer fresher, quicker information, so they can warn the user, almost in real time, of any possible variations.

It all begins with the gathering of information. Weather forecasting is based on data collection, which is carried out through weather stations, marine buoys, radiosondes and satellites that capture comprehensive information on the atmosphere and oceans, analyzing values such as temperature and humidity. After the data collection, complex mathematical models are applied that offer projections on the expected evolution of the atmosphere. These models are then corrected with historical data to increase the accuracy of the forecast.

Does this mean that an app is better than the weather reports offered by newspapers, radio and television? It depends on two variables: the accuracy of the source and how frequently it is updated. In this guide, we share our favorite weather forecasting apps; they are all available on both Android and iOS.


This is one of the most prestigious services in terms of weather forecasting. One of its most useful features is MinuteCast, which provides detailed minute-by-minute forecasts that give users a precise idea of what is going to happen in the next four hours, so they can anticipate showers or sudden rises or falls in temperatures at specific times. In addition, AccuWeather includes a specific section on air quality. The free version is quite complete, but the paid version offers, as an added value, expert analyses of meteorological events.

CARROT Weather

Why settle for a plain old boring weather forecast, when you can have the same information delivered to you in a witty, even histrionic way? CARROT Weather has always been at the top of paid weather apps, offering the user very accurate sources when it comes to forecasting, with the information displayed in a fun, humorous way, courtesy of CARROT, an irreverent AI weather presenter who makes the information with a sarcastic touch.

The app displays weather updates with clever commentary and even a bit of dark humor. Despite this peculiar approach, CARROT Weather guarantees the accuracy of its predictions, as it uses data from many different reputable sources (you can select the one with the best predictions for your specific location). In addition, users can adapt the interface to their tastes, select from a variety of themes and set customized alerts. For those looking for more entertainment, there is an Adventure Mode that shows apocalyptic scenarios based on the current weather.


Developed by MeteoGroup, one of the world’s leading weather forecasting firms, this is one of the most popular and reliable weather apps. A fundamental part of its success is derived from its data sources and an extensive, worldwide network of weather stations, which ensures that forecasts are accurate and detailed for virtually any location. WeatherPro also stands out for offering hourly forecasts for the next seven days.

One of users’ favorite features is its ability to provide real-time satellite imagery, as well as visual simulations of cloud movement and precipitation. As is usually the case with weather apps with paid content, WeatherPro allows you to set alerts for extreme weather conditions such as storms, heat waves and the risk of frost. Unlike other applications that offer simple forecasts, WeatherPro goes further by integrating a series of specialized features and tools that will delight all weather fans.

Rain Alarm

One meteorological element that worries many users is the rain. But, is there a specific app that warns you in advance of the possibility of a downpour? The answer is yes, and the most popular is Rain Alarm. Unlike other apps that offer long-term forecasts, this one focuses on analyzing the next few hours, which makes it perfect for answering the age-old question: should I leave the house with an umbrella?

Its interface is direct and simple. It does not shower you with excessive information; it only alerts you about nearby precipitation. Another advantage of this app is its customization. Users can adjust the sensitivity of the radar, choosing if they only want to receive notifications for things like heavy rain or even drizzle. Furthermore, it not only detects rain; it also warns about snow and hail.

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