Is Venezuela becoming the Libya of the Caribbean?

The differences between these two countries’ crises are obvious, but their similarities are very telling

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in a file photo.
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in a file photo.YURI CORTEZ / AFP

In 2011 Libya cracked into a thousand pieces. With United Nations authorization, a broad coalition attacked Libya, a mob murdered Muammar Gaddafi, his bloodthirsty regime collapsed, and the country fragmented. Eventually, two governments were formed, one based in Tripoli and another in Tobruk. Each has its own leader, armed forces, government bureaucracy and even a Central Bank that prints its own money. What’s more, each government has powerful nations backing it. The one in Tripoli has the recognition of the UN, while the one in Tobruk is supported by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi A...

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