Spanish man arrested after filming himself dancing on his moving car

The authorities found a number of videos on the 22-year-old’s Instagram account of his dangerous driving, and of him insulting police officers

The man is seen dancing on the hood of his car while it is in motion.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested by the local police in the southern Spanish city of Málaga for alleged dangerous driving after he shared videos of his dangerous driving on Instagram. In one recording (above) he is seen getting out of his moving car and jumping onto the hood, where he dances for several seconds before climbing back into the driver’s seat. In another video he is seen driving at dangerously high speeds at night on a freeway. The investigation into the youngster began after the Spanish authorities, who search social networks for such videos of dangerous driving, found the recordings online. Nineteen of the 27 videos on the man’s Instagram profile contained recordings of driving offenses, both using a car and a motorcycle. The other eight videos were of the man insulting police officers.

English version by Simon Hunter.

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