Most-read articles of 2016: Part 2

As this extraordinary year for news draws to a close, we look back at the highlights from the English Edition

Simon Hunter

In the year that saw Brexit, a Donald Trump presidential victory and a seemingly endless list of celebrity deaths, it was a crowded stage for news stories. But there was plenty going on of note in Spain and Latin America too, and the EL PAÍS English Edition was there to cover it. Here is the second part of our top-20 most-read stories of 2016, covering 1-10.

Comedian, actor and activist Eddie Izzard.
Comedian, actor and activist Eddie Izzard.Amanda Searle

10. How to sleep in the Spanish heat

In the midst of winter, this isn’t the most timely article perhaps, but there’s plenty of useful information in here for anyone who regularly has to brave the scorching Spanish summer without the help of air conditioning. 

1. Zygmunt Bauman: “Social media are a trap”

This article was a huge hit with readers in all its versions: Spanish, Portuguese and English. In the interview, which was read hundreds of thousands of times on the English Edition website, the Polish-born sociologist explains how he is skeptical about the possibilities for political change.

9. Pitched battle in Madrid leaves 14 police officers injured

Six people of Dominican origin were arrested in Madrid’s Tetuán neighborhood after a brawl between police and local residents left 14 officers – some of them off duty – injured. Check out the video and report here. 

8. Spain readies for another long, hot summer

Again, not the most seasonal of stories, but anything to do with the Spanish weather is always a hit with readers of the EL PAÍS English Edition.

7. Spain – a great place to live, a terrible place to work?

This story was originally published back in 2015, but pops into our top-10 most-read stories every once in a while. Judging by our readers’ comments on social networks, it appears that many expats and Spaniards alike would answer yes to the question posed in the headline. 

6. The chart that proves that Spanish schedules are downright weird

There are two types of people in Spain: die-hard defenders of the Spanish timetable, with its long lunches and late-night TV schedule, and those who are clamoring for change. This chart and article explains the quirks of the average day in Spain.

5. Spain’s top 20 nudist beaches

Your indispensable guide to where you can strip off on Spain’s amazing beaches. 

4. Badly injured Mexican bullfighter asks doctors to let him die

Bullfighting is always sure to provoke a reaction from our readers, and this story was no exception. Rodolfo Rodríguez, known as “El Pana,” was seriously injured in the ring, and opted to bow out rather than carry on fighting. 

3. Eddie Izzard on Facebook Live

The British comedian, actor and activist came to the Madrid offices of EL PAÍS to talk about his current tour, during which he is learning his set in Spanish.

2. Prosecutors seek jail for Spanish youths who crushed 79 piglets to death

Animal cruelty in Spain is an issue that our readers have always shown an interest in, and this particularly grisly story took the second spot on our most-read list of articles this year.

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Recomendaciones EL PAÍS