Third space object found on Spanish soil in just a week

Days after two spheres crash into Murcia countryside, more debris drops on Alicante town

The space object found in Elda on Tuesday.
The space object found in Elda on Tuesday.Pepe Olivares

For the third time in one week, an object has fallen out of the sky onto eastern Spain.

This time, the space debris showed up on a farming field near the town of Elda, in Alicante province, government sources said.

The object is a narrow strip of metal four meters long and 20 centimeters wide, which looks burnt and appears to have sharp, cutting edges.

Earlier this week, two spheres that had crashed into the Murcia countryside were found, located just a few kilometers from one another.

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Explosives experts from the National Police were sent out to analyze the new object and bring it in for further testing after ruling out any risk of radioactivity.

As in the other two cases, investigators are working with the theory that this piece of metal was once part of a satellite, rocket or other type of space object.

Airport technicians have ruled out the possibility that this new fragment might have been part of a plane’s fuselage, based on the type of welding.


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