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Detained women filmed mocking Mexican policeman about his phone

“Poor thing, I have an iPhone,” one of pair heard telling officer who stopped her in video

A still image from the video showing one of the women who was stopped.
A still image from the video showing one of the women who was stopped.

A new incident highlighting the arrogance and class bias that exist in Mexico has spread rapidly across the country’s social networks.

Under the hashtag #LadyMulta (lady fine), a video showing an encounter between police officers and two women stopped for allegedly driving under the influence has gone viral.

One of the officers began recording the incident, which took place in Tijuana, on the border with the US, after the women started ridiculing him when he refused to cancel the ticket he had issued.

This isn’t the first time that people who have been stopped have teased their arresting officers

“You have my license plates, you have my driver’s license – so hurry up and give me that ticket,” one of the women can be heard saying.

Her female companion tells the officer with the cellphone to stop recording her.

“Dude, he is recording us with his five-pixel LG. Poor thing! I have an iPhone 5,” the other woman is heard saying.

The police told them that they would cancel the ticket, but they could not let them drive off because they were intoxicated.

According to local media, a driver who was almost hit by the women’s vehicle that evening had reported them to the police.

Video: A recording of the incident posted on TouTube (in Spanish).

The pair were finally taken before a judge after their blood-alcohol content was found to be above the legal limit for driving a vehicle.

This is not the first time that people who have been stopped by police have teased their arresting officers.

In Mexico, a series of these recorded encounters has become popular on the social networks under the category “Ladies and Gentlemen.”

In one of the first videos posted, two women who appear intoxicated were stopped for a traffic violation in one of Mexico City’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

“F*cking shitty faggot. Go f*ck your mother, you f*cking wage-earner,” one of the women is heard telling an officer before trying to assault him.

English version by Martin Delfín.

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