Madrid man killed after runaway cement truck crushes his vehicle

Police believe that the mixer’s handbrake was either released or was faulty 37-year-old killed instantly in the incident, which took place in the Chueca neighborhood

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A 37-year-old man was killed on Monday in Madrid when an out-of-control cement truck crashed into the vehicle he was sitting in.

The freak accident took place in the city’s downtown Chueca neighborhood between 4pm and 5pm.

According to authorities, the handbrake of the cement mixer either gave away or had not been engaged. The driver of the truck was not inside his vehicle at the time.

Psychologists were called in to assist the victim’s partner and bystanders, who were in shock after witnessing the accident

“The cement truck started rolling down the street very quickly and the car, which was waiting for a crane to pass, was trapped between two vehicles; he was sandwiched in,” said one restaurant worker who witnessed the accident.

The intersection of San Marcos and Barbieri streets was blocked off by police as medics and firefighters arrived at the scene.

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Antonio Domínguez, 26, was also working at a beauty center near the site of the tragedy.

“We heard a loud noise like metal crashing, and we looked out and couldn’t even see the car,” said Domínguez, who was visibly affected. "It was very unpleasant."

A Samur medical emergency team arrived quickly on the scene but said that the victim was killed instantly.

Psychologists were also called in to assist the victim’s partner, who was in shock after witnessing the accident, and other bystanders who also saw what happened.

The driver of the cement mixer was questioned by police and ordered to appear before an investigative judge.

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