Complicated run on the third day of Sanfermines 2015

Large number of runners trampled by bulls during the 2 minutes and 25 second route

Video: The third day of the Running of the Bulls.Photo: AGENCIA_DESCONOCIDA | Video: Villar López

The third day of the Running of the Bulls at the San Fermín fiestas lasted two minutes and 25 seconds, making it the longest of the week so far, and also the most spectacular in terms of the amount of runners trampled by the bulls.

For the first 300 meters, an animal named Jubilado was the main star, a black bull weighing 595 kilos. Just as the bull entered the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, it caught a runner at a terrifying moment, and arrived in Mercaderes street about 50 meters ahead of the rest of the herd, plowing into a group of runners on the left side of the street, and leaving several injured.

Jubilado fell at that point, and was rejoined by the rest of the herd, which continued the run together.

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The controversial bend between Mercaderes and Estafeta streets was not as crowded as it had been on previous days, allowing the herd through without incident.

But once on to Estafeta street, another of the black bulls from breeder Victoriano del Río raced ahead, grazing the runners with his horns as he passed. The herd began to thin out, leaving gaps that allowed a number of participants from the nearby towns of Huarte and Villava to display some brilliant runs.

The stretch down to the bullring was also covered quickly, although one runner spoiled the spectacle by grabbing on to the left horn of one of the Madrid ranch’s bulls. The arrival in the ring was, once again, exemplary, and the bulls swiftly made their way into their pen.

Five people, all Spaniards, were taken to the Centro Hospitalario de Navarra, most of them suffering from cuts and bruises. Despite the moments of tension, the run was reasonably clean with no gorings.

Today saw the lowest number of runners of the week so far, according to the Pamplona municipal police.

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