Labor market posts best February figures since start of crisis

Jobless claims declined as 96,909 workers joined the Social Security rolls

Construction added the most jobs to the Spanish economy in February.
Construction added the most jobs to the Spanish economy in February.GABRIEL TIZÓN

The Spanish jobs market returned to the path of recovery in February.

Figures released on Tuesday by the Labor Ministry show that Social Security affiliations – an indicator of official job creation – grew by 96,909 individuals last month to reach 16,672,220 contributors to the national welfare system.

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This represents the best result for February since 2007, right before the crisis began.

Unemployment also registered its greatest February drop in the last 14 years, with a decline of 13,538 jobless claims for a total tally of 4,512,153.

Broken down by sectors, construction contributed the greatest number of jobs to the economy (26,068), followed by education (16,203), manufacturing (15,097), hospitality (14,012), public service and defense (13,029) and administrative and clerical work (10,541).

The numbers represent good news following a January that saw a slowdown in the job market as a result of the end of the Christmas season.

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