Gerard Piqué accused of “disobeying authority” after parking row

“You’re jealous of me because I’m famous,” Barcelona soccer star allegedly told city police

Piqué argues with Barcelona police.
Piqué argues with Barcelona police.AS

Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué has been accused of disobeying authority after an argument with city police over a parking fine, sources close to the player have confirmed.

According to the open legal proceedings, as revealed by La Vanguardia newspaper, the row started after Piqué and his brother Marc left their vehicle parked in a bus lane on Trías Fargas street for 15 minutes on Monday night, following the defender’s return from international duty with Spain. The car prevented “the circulation of taxis, which have a rank in the same area,” the report states.

While sources close to the player have admitted to the events, they refute the length of time the car was parked, saying the pair “hadn’t even stopped for two minutes.”

It is Gerard’s word against theirs, but he didn’t say half of what they said he did”

After receiving the fine, Piqué argued with the Urban Guard officers from inside the car and – according to the police report quoted by La Vanguardia – berated their attitude with phrases such as: “You’re jealous of me because I’m famous;” “You’re fining me because you get commission, because you don’t have any money and you have to get commission;” “This complaint will go nowhere because I’ll call your boss and he’ll make it go away;” “You think you own the world because you wear that uniform and fine people;” “You’re an embarrassment, your work disgusts me and the Urban Guard is a fucking embarrassment.”

Pique’s camp, meanwhile, maintains the player only said part of what is recorded in the report: “It is Gerard’s word against that of the Urban Guard, but he didn’t say half of what they said he did.”

The officers handed the fine to the player’s brother, but Piqué snatched it out of his hands, rolled it into a ball and tossed it at their feet, the report states. Then with some friends he went to the door of the Barcelona Casino a few meters away but, according to eyewitnesses and as confirmed by the sources close to player, did not go inside and instead left the area in his brother’s car.

Piqué has been accused of showing a lack of respect and minor disobedience of authority following the incident, which several witnesses recorded on their cellphones. Although he is not facing serious charges, he will have to answer to a judge at a future hearing.

Piqúe has himself apologized for his actions via his personal Twitter account since the facts came to light: “What I said has been exaggerated, but in any case, I am sorry, I was wrong and it will not happen again.”

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