Raid targets Madrid-based Camorra clan

More than 30 arrests made so far in joint operation between Spanish and Italian authorities

Spanish and Italian law enforcement authorities have busted a mafia clan that ran money laundering and drug operations in both countries.

Around 30 arrests have been made so far in an ongoing raid against a branch of the Camorra mafia group. The operation involves the Spanish National Police and Civil Guard, the Spanish High Court and the Naples Anti-Mafia Attorney’s Office.

The ring was well established in Spain through real estate and hotel ventures, and served as a go-between for mafia bosses back in Naples. The Spanish unit bought millions of euros worth of drugs in Colombia, using Camorra money, and took care of transportation and storage.

The ring was firmly established in Spain through real estate and hotel ventures

The money, plus the return on investment, was transferred back to Naples, and the profit made by the Spanish operators was concealed through its business network. The network laundered millions of euros through hotel and real estate firms that faked losses. The investigation is supported by hundreds of hours of wiretaps and video footage capturing alleged meetings between mafia members.

Most Spanish arrests are taking place in the Madrid region. The ring was particularly active in towns northwest of the capital, such as Majadahonda and Villanueva de la Cañada, where it had investments worth more than €8 million and owned apparently ruinous Italian food restaurants.


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