Father tries to smuggle eight-year-old daughter into Spain inside suitcase

Civil Guard arrest man after attempt foiled at port in Tarifa

Photo: atlas | Video: Atlas

The Civil Guard has foiled an attempt by a man to smuggle his eight-year-old daughter into Spain. Officers at the port of Tarifa (Cádiz) stopped the car being that was being driven by the man on its arrival, and inspected a suitcase that was sitting on the back seat. When they opened the case, they found the youngster inside, in the fetal position. Her father was attempting to get her into Spain illegally.

The girl was found to be in a fine state of health, and was transferred by the authorities to a center for minors in La Línea de la Concepción, where she will have to await a decision by the courts as to what will happen to her next. The father has been arrested for his attempt to smuggle the girl into Spain.

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