Galician parliament suspends session after violent protest by fishermen

Police arrest several demonstrators in Santiago

Police battle with demonstrators on Tuesday in Santiago de Compostela.PHOTO: ÓSCAR CORRAL | VIDEO: ATLAS (atlas)

The Galician regional parliament had to suspend its session on Tuesday after a group of angry fishermen tried to attack lawmakers during a demonstration to protest the handing out of government subsidies, which they claim are unfair.

Police had to hold the group back after some fishermen threw rocks and bottles and burned dumpsters. Several people were arrested in the melee.

Demonstrators also threw chairs from outdoor cafes at officers and cut off various streets forcing police to employ tear gas to push them back.

The protest was just one of several held at the Galician parliament on Tuesday. Holders of bank preferential shares also converged on lawmakers to protest the regional body's lack of action in investigating savings banks that sold the controversial products to their customers.

At the same time, various mayors from the region also gathered in Santiago to complain about the Popular Party government’s decision to implement a 34-percent garbage tax in all municipalities.

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