Socialists approve their number two for top spot on European slate

PSOE still coy about other candidates in May 29 parliamentary race

Madrid -

Elena Valenciano, the Socialist deputy secretary general, will lead her party’s slate in the European Parliamentary elections on May 25, the opposition grouping’s federal executive committee said Monday.

Valenciano’s candidacy was approved unanimously by the members of the party’s leadership. “The ideological battle has lost steam and it is time that we relaunch it,” she said. “Europe is no longer an army battlefield but instead a great battlefield of ideologies. These elections will be the last opportunity to correct European economic policy.”

Her name was the only one that has so far been confirmed on the slate. Neither she nor Óscar López, the party’s organizational secretary, wanted to announce any more candidates. But Valenciano hinted that Ramón Jáuregui and Juan Fernando López Aguilar, who led the last slate, would be included.

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