Tourist receipts hit record levels in 2013

The more than 60 million foreign visitors to Spain spent 59 billion euros The average daily spend per person came in at 109 euros

Madrid - 27 Jan 2014 - 14:05

After data was released last week confirming that more than 60 million foreign tourists visited Spain in 2013, helping the country push China off the third spot on the global list of most popular destinations, there was more good news for the sector on Monday. According to the results of a survey published by the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry, foreign visitors spent a record 59 billion euros while on vacation in Spain. That figure represents a 9.6-percent rise compared to 2012, and what’s more, the average amount spent per day by each visitor rose 3.3 percent, to 109 euros.

According to the survey, visitors from the United Kingdom spent the most in Spain, totaling 12.021 billion euros, up 7.8 percent on a year earlier, and accounting for 20.3 percent of the total tourist spending in 2013. Germany occupied the second spot, with 9.722 billion euros (up 7.9 percent), followed by France with 5.926 billion (up 17.9 percent).

Visitors from Russia spent 2.350 billion euros while in the country, up 28.9 percent on the previous year, while those from China spent 27.1 percent more than in 2012.

The total spending by tourists in the month of December went up 15.8 percent on the same month in 2012, reaching 3.187 billion euros.

Catalonia accounted for 14 billion euros of tourist spending, which works out at 23.7 percent of the total, followed by the Canary Islands, where 11.684 million euros was spent.

In terms of accommodation, hotels accounted for 65.4 percent of total spending, at 38.643 billion euros, up 10 percent on the previous year.

Tourist spending on package deals rose 11.2 percent, accounting for 39.604 billion euros.

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