Asylum granted to Syrian woman suffering from burns

Almustafa had been receiving hospital treatment in Spanish North African exclave of Melilla

Manar Almustafa, pictured in a Melilla hospital.
Manar Almustafa, pictured in a Melilla hospital.José Palazón (PRODEYN)

The government has agreed to grant asylum to a 30-year-old Syrian woman who is suffering from 90-percent burns on her body after bombs fell near her home as part of the ongoing war in her country, Interior Ministry sources said Thursday.

The family of Manar Almustafa, who live in Barcelona, flew to Melilla on Thursday to bring the woman to mainland Spain. Almustafa arrived in Melilla in November. Instead of reporting to a migrant center, she decided to live with family members in the Spanish North African exclave, which slowed her asylum process, sources said.

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