Police rescue children being held to force moms into prostitution

Nigerian women were working in the sex trade in France Youngsters were held captive in Toledo

Police in Toledo last August freed two children who were being held by an organization that allegedly forced their mothers to work as prostitutes, Spanish authorities announced on Thursday.

The mothers, two Nigerian women, were found in the north of France where they were forced to work in the sex trade to pay off debts the organization said they owed, which ranged from 30,000 to 40,000 euros, police said.

The children, both about three years old, were found suffering from malnutrition at a home in Valmojado, near Toledo in August. They were also subjected to abuse, including being given sedatives by their captors. The children were thought to have been held for at least four months. Several people were arrested including one leader of the gang that captured the women.

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