Convited ex-Castellón chief reflects on jail and those “who love me”

Fabra hopes to escape prison but won’t seek a pardon

Former Castellón provincial chief Carlos Fabra on Tuesday said he hoped that he didn’t have to spend any time in jail following the four-year sentence handed down in his tax fraud case.

Calling the press together at a Castellón hotel to discuss the case a day after he was convicted and the support he has received, the once powerful Popular Party (PP) powerbroker in the Valencia region offered his version of the almost 10-year investigation into his finances.

“If tax inspectors performed more than 100 audits in one year on anyone of you, of course they are going to find something,” the 67-year-old veteran politician said. “I hope jail time doesn’t await me, but if it does, I hope I’m waiting a long time [to go in].”

Fabra said that he won’t ask Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for a pardon, but his lawyers will appeal the sentence handed down for defrauding the AEAT tax agency of some 700,000 euros between 1999 and 2004.

“I have the love of my people and many people who live in this province,” he said, explaining that he has received more than 700 emails of support. “That’s not bad.”

He acknowledged that he resigned his membership and all official roles he held with PP. When asked, Fabra said he has not spoken to any party official about his convictions. “I have no reason to,” he said.

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