Andalusian premier to bow out before term ends, say party insiders

Supporters say José Antonio Griñán made his decision after March 2012 regional elections

Andalusian premier José Antonio Griñán will leave his post before the end of this political term, most of his colleagues in the Socialist Party believe. Supporters say his decision was made right after the regional elections of March 2012, which were technically won by the opposition Popular Party but returned the Socialists to power following a deal with the United Left.

In late June, Griñán said he would not run for the premiership again, called party primaries, and appointed his colleague Susana Díaz as his preferred candidate in the next elections. Now that Díaz has received support from regional and provincial leaders, the only question is when exactly Griñán will bow out.

Detractors claim that his decision to step down ahead of time is due to the ongoing ERE scandal, involving the misappropriation of millions of euros in public funds meant for struggling businesses.

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