Six detained in Mexico over gang rape of tourists

Acapulco beach resort attack suspects picked up in nearby Barra Vieja area

Police in Mexico have detained six people on suspicion of involvement in the rape of six Spanish tourists last week at a beach resort in Acapulco. Five armed attackers broke into a property last Monday, tying up six men before sexually assaulting the women. A seventh woman was spared the assault on the basis that she was Mexican.

Adrián Sánchez Silva, from the police headquarters at Lomas de Chapultepec, told Efe news agency that "six people were detained on Friday evening at their places of work in restaurants located in Barra Vieja," which is the area in the east of the city where the attacks took place.

Drug killings and extortions have risen in recent years in Acapulco, but the violence rarely affects tourists.


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