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El Cuerpo (The body) scares crowds from the big screen

Belén Rueda and Hugo Silva in a scene from the film "El cuerpo"
Belén Rueda and Hugo Silva in a scene from the film "El cuerpo"

The corpse of a woman disappears without trace from a morgue and a police inspector and her widower set about trying to unravel the mystery. That's the setup for first-time director Oriol Paulo's horror thriller El Cuerpo (or, The body), which finds Belén Rueda once again teaming up with the producers of The Orphanage and Julia's Eyes. José Coronado and Hugo Silva also star.

The scares keep coming in two more films this week. In ParaNorman, though, they're very much aimed at a junior crowd. A stop-motion 3D animation from the creators of Coraline, it's the story of lonely schoolboy Norman Babcock whose ability to see dead people finds him called upon to save his town from a plague of zombies.

In El páramo , meanwhile, a squad of nine soldiers is dispatched to a base in the remote Colombian uplands with which the military has lost contact. On arrival they find a lone survivor and crushing isolation that gradually begins to wear down their sanity.

Treading lighter ground in Love Is All You Need is Denmark's Susanne Bier, director of 2011 best foreign film Oscar winner In a Better World. A romantic comedy drama filmed in Danish and English, it stars Pierce Brosnan as a widower attending his son's wedding in Sorrento, Italy, who literally bumps into the bride's put-upon mother (Trine Dyrholm) en route.

Based on a true story, The Sessions charts the attempts of a paralyzed writer and journalist who lives in an iron lung (John Hawkes) to lose his virginity with the help of a sex therapist (Helen Hunt). William H. Macy plays his surprisingly encouraging priest.

And starring Ernesto Alterio, 1979-set drama Infancia clandestina follows 12-year-old schoolboy Juan, who is forced to adopt a new identity when his activist parents return to Argentina from exile in order to fight the military dictatorship.

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