Atlético and Málaga respond to Uefa sanction

La Liga duo Atlético de Madrid and Málaga have released statements after European soccer's governing body suspended payments to 23 clubs, including the two Spanish sides, because of "overdue payables" - in reference to unpaid transfer fees to other clubs and payments to players, as well as outstanding taxes.

 Champions League newcomer Málaga declared on its official website that the process of addressing the club's economic problems has started: "A complete internal restructuring process got underway over a month ago, aiming to guarantee the future viability of the club," it read. "The club is still fully immersed in this process, and has now stabilized the financial situation with other clubs, employees and players, and is in negotiations with the Treasury. Although a definitive agreement has not as yet been reached, the amount owed by the club has been significantly reduced over the last month. Uefa has been informed of this situation, and we have a transparent relationship."

Europa League and European Super Cup winner Atlético also distanced itself from any signs of danger, saying "we would like to clarify that Uefa's statement does not mean that any punishment has been imposed on Atlético Madrid, but is an injunction issued in Uefa licensing regulation until the adoption of the panel's final decision, which we believe will be favorable."

Uefa's financial control body will reconvene on September 30.

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