Ruiz-Mateos arrested and escorted to face judge

Former owner of Nueva Rumasa detained to ensure appearance at Palma de Mallorca court

Madrid - 29 Aug 2012 - 12:07

Failed Spanish businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos was arrested again at his home in the opulent neighborhood of Somosaguas in Madrid on Tuesday to ensure his appearance the following day at a Palma de Mallorca court as a suspect in a case of alleged fraud.

Ruiz-Mateos, the former owner of the Nueva Rumasa conglomerate that went bust leaving hundreds of small investors in the group out of pocket, had so far managed to dodge five summonses to appear in court this year.

The 81-year-old was also arrested last week to ensure he attended the court date but the judge excused him at the last minute because of "humanitarian reasons." Ruiz-Mateos underwent a medical inspection at his own request to determine his state of health.


Four policemen on Tuesday went to his home and left with him and his daughter Begoña. He was taken to a local police station and was subsequently escorted to Palma de Mallorca and taken to a police station there. The businessman and his six sons are accused of fraud in the sale of a hotel on the island of Mallorca for 13.9 million euros.

Ruiz-Mateos, a polemical figure who has never shunned the limelight, also presided over a vast business empire of some 700 companies called Rumasa that was expropriated by the government in 1983.


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