ETA cancer prisoner gives up hunger strike

Iosu Uribetxebarria found collapsed on floor Wednesday

Iosu Uribetxebarria, the ETA prisoner seriously ill with cancer, has decided on medical advice to give up the hunger strike he began on August 9 in protest against his continuing incarceration. According to sources close to the case, Uribetxebarria, who was convicted for his involvement in the kidnapping of prison director José Antonio Ortega Lara, collapsed on the floor on Wednesday morning.

Uribetxebarria is waiting to see if the High Court will release him after the Prisons Service's decision to grant him a furlough. Arnaldo Otegi, ex-head of ETA's political wing Batasuna, and ex-ETA chief "Pakito" have also ended the hunger strikes they began to support Uribetxebarria.

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