Santiago mayor has “no knowledge” of fraud suit

Gerardo Conde Roa denies being informed of tax office approach

The mayor of Santiago de Compostela, Gerardo Conde Roa, on Wednesday declared he has no idea why prosecutors have charged him with tax fraud for allegedly failing to pay VAT on properties sold through his private real estate company in 2010.

"I cannot comment about something I have not been notified of," the Popular Party mayor stated. However, the lawsuit holds that Conde Roa "consciously and voluntarily did not present a tax return for VAT in 2010 with the aim of defrauding the tax office."

Asked by reporters if he was up to date with his financial obligations, Conde Roa responded: "It depends how you look at it." The mayor also congratulated EL PAÍS for enjoying "more access" to the lawsuit than he has. "When I was a lawyer the rules of the game were different," he said.

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