Valencia may join inquiry into royal son-in-law's dealings

Region looking into possibility of demanding return of money if evidence of deception found

Valencia's government is studying the possibility of joining the case before an investigative judge into the affairs of Iñaki Urdangarin, the husband of Princess Cristina, who is the target of an inquiry into a possible diversion of public funds.

Popular Party (PP) premier Albert Fabra said his lawyers are looking into the possibility of demanding any money be returned if there is enough evidence that Urdangarin's Institute Nóos deceived the region in winning contracts. The non-profit Nóos won contracts worth six million euros from both the Valencia and Balearic regional governments to organize sports and tourism conferences. Investigators believe that some of the money to the non-profit entity was diverted to Urdangarin's private businesses. For its part, the Balearic government said it was taking a more cautious approach before making a similar decision because the case is still under investigation.

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Meanwhile, investigators have found that at least 116,000 euros from a 1.2-million-euro contract awarded in 2005 by the Balearics ended up in the private company Aizoon, owned by Urdangarin and his wife, the princess.

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