Lamb cakes: The Easter dessert that will give you nightmares

The Holy Week treat can end up looking more like the spawn of Satan if not done well. Here are some of the most disastrous results

Pequeño muestrario de 'lamb cakes'
Pequeño muestrario de 'lamb cakes'EL COMIDISTA

Many countries in Europe celebrate Easter with a cake in the shape of a lamb. If done well, these Easter lamb cakes add a festive touch to the Holy Week celebrations. But if done by untrained hands, they can look more like the spawn of Satan.

Although the origin of the dessert is unknown, it’s clear that it is related to the ancient custom of baking bread and other goods with religious symbolism. In Christianity, the Agnus Dei or “Lamb of God” is one of the ways to call Jesus, and its representation in the form of a cake is also connected with Lent.

Different versions of lamb cakes exist in countries such as Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and Italy. And it was European migrants who popularized the dessert in the United States, where it took off in the 1940s and 1950s thanks to baking molds. In the 21st century, lamb cakes have seen a certain revival thanks to the rise in ever-more elaborate confectionery.

But on the internet, it is not the perfect versions of lamb cakes that have gone viral, but rather the epic fails. Here are some of the most nightmarish results.

Ghost lamb


This lamb cake shows clear signs of abuse. According to Mpgarascia, who shared the photo of the lamb cake on Flickr, it was made by her cousin, who used their grandmother’s baking mold. But if the results are anything to go by, he’s not very deft with the buttercream. “If the glazing was horrifying enough, the two red eyes (currants?) give it the final touch,” says Alma Obregón, a patisserie teacher and creator of Alma’s Cupcakes.

Flower lamb


This creation could easily appear in your nightmares. The lamb cake has the eyes of a teddy bear, ears apparently made of jamón serrano and a bow that looks more like sideshow performer Schlitzie’s ponytail. “I’m speechless,” says Obregón. “The eagerness to decorate what cannot be decorated has been taken to the extreme. It’s important to note that the bow, the eyes, the clovers, the pearls, the tail and the nose cannot be eaten. I hope nobody did.”

Smoking lamb


If Marge’s sisters on the TV show The Simpsons were an Easter lamb cake, they’d look something like this creation by Facebook user Katrina Ribordy, who has dubbed it the DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?) lamb cake.

Dog-rabbit lamb


“The most common mistake with lamb cakes is wanting to spread the glaze or the buttercream and make the shape of the mouth and eyes,” explains Bea Roque, the author of various dessert books. In this case, the ears and the teeth transform the lamb into a creature that is part dog, part rabbit.

Lamb in acid

Lamb Cakes Easter
Lamb Cakes EasterDEMILKED

“It was cuter in my head,” says Howieread, the person who shared the photo of this lamb cake on Reddit. “I would have chosen cucumbers instead of strawberries, in the style of lamb at the spa,” says Obregón. “I don’t really understand the strawberry on the top of the head, but well, I don’t really understand anything, and I love it.”

Devil lamb


If its evil eyes and smile weren’t enough, the flambé is the definitive sign that this is not the lamb of God, but rather the spawn of Satan. “I think the idea was to make a toasted meringue, but it got a little out of hand and looks like the devil’s lamb,” says Obregón.

Packaged lamb

Lamb Cakes

Easter lamb cakes are also sold ready-made in the United States. But buying instead of making one does not necessarily guarantee you good results, as seen in this lamb cake, which looks more like an abstract painting.

‘Walking Dead’ lamb

Lamb Cakes

It would seem that lamb cakes can also be affected by a zombie apocalypse. This photo is proof of that: the lamb has joined the living dead. It has swollen red sores, its eye has fallen out and it has turned an attractive rotting green.

Hyper-realistic lamb


The previous lamb cakes were terrifying because of their mistakes. This one is scary because it is so realistic. The skin and the eyes are what nightmares are made from. And the parsley leaf in the mouth gives it the final touch of spookiness. There is no way anyone would want this in their house.

Makeover lamb


We end with what is probably the best Easter lamb fail in history. It happened three years ago, when a woman named Teresa Such bought a lamb cake from a store to take to her uncle’s house for Easter. But, not liking how it looked, she decided to take off the frosting and replace it with her own icing. The result: a monster lamb.

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