Mario Vargas Llosa: “Political correctness is the enemy of freedom”

Besides writing prize-winning fiction, the Nobel Laureate has fought tirelessly for civil liberties. With his new book, ‘The Call of the Tribe,’ he promotes liberal thought and pays tribute to seven authors who embrace it. We talk to him about liberalism, intellectual blindness and the dangers facing democracy today


Mr Ambassador and Mr Smith

Obama’s man in Madrid and his partner are bringing a breath of fresh air to US diplomacy in Spain

after gaddafi

Libya: the chaos continues

Two years after the dictator's demise, EL PAÍS finds that it is still hard to know who runs the country There is no army or police, and the jihadist threat is ever present


Fidel Castro's boy hero

Elián González made the headlines when he was plucked from the sea in 1999 The youngster became a symbol of the enmity between Havana and Cuban exiles Now aged 18, he represents the Revolution