Trump only has $20 million to build $20 billion US-Mexico border wall

Document seen by Reuters reveals US government lacks funds to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise

US immigration policy

“Dreamer” from Argentina arrested after speaking out about deportations

Daniela Vargas detained in wake of news conference on rights of undocumented immigrants


White Americans say US has been on the decline for the last 60 years

Donald Trump appeals to a sector of the electorate who have become disenchanted with the country, worried about immigration and say they are victims of “reverse discrimination”

US Elections

Donald Trump calls on Supreme Court judge to resign

Ruth Bader Ginsburg accused the Republican candidate of being a “fake”


Donald Trump and his band of operatives

The real estate mogul hired Paul Manafort, a Washington lobbyist with ties to previous Republican administrations, a few months ago


Five women and five answers about the lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton

We ask experts and activists why the prospect of female president of the United States does not draw the same excitement Obama’s campaign did


Bernie Sanders continues the fight for his “political revolution”

Democratic hopeful will not be withdrawing his candidacy but will be working with Hillary Clinton “to beat Donald Trump”


Trump breaks away from party’s stance on gun control

Republican candidate has proposed limits on gun sales for suspects on terrorist watch list


Clinton looks to rally Sanders supporters

With Washington under her belt, Democratic presumptive nominee now hopes to win over rest of the party


Trump calls on Obama to “step down” over Orlando killings

Republican nominee criticizes failure of president and Hillary Clinton to use term “radical Islam”


United States and Pacific nations seal landmark free trade agreement

Huge Trans-Pacific Partnership affects 40% of the world economy


Proportion of US Hispanic population born abroad sees sharp decline

Reality of Latino community growth in contrast to alarmist illegal immigration messages


Jorge Ramos: the ratings leader who champions the Latino cause in the US

After a 25-year career, the anchor has become the “Walter Cronkite of Hispanic America”

Latin America

Trump pledges to deport all illegal workers from the US if elected

Republican candidate plans to pay for border wall by raising visa charges for Mexicans

Latin America

Trump repeats threat to force Mexico to pay for border security barrier

“I’ve said that they’re going to pay for the wall, and they will pay for the wall”


Donald Trump sues Spanish chef José Andrés for backing out of hotel deal

Billionaire Republican contender seeking $10 million in damages from culinary artist

Latin America

Is Donald Trump the world’s most hated man right now?

Macy’s store joins boycott against Republican contender for remarks about Mexicans

US Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage legal

Landmark decision paves way for nationwide unions, which Spain has allowed since 2005

Spanish chef José Andrés inspires George Washington University graduates

TV gourmet follows in footsteps of Michelle Obama by making prestigious graduation address


Mexico's new leader offers to help Obama's immigration reform

Peña Nieto pushes for unprecedented regional talks over drug policies