A global mission to track down microplastics makes a stop in Spain

The Tara Ocean Foundation has sent a schooner and 40 scientists to 10 European rivers to find the sources of a major sea pollutant


Why most recyclable construction waste is being dumped illegally in Spain

Experts say that just one-fourth of trash from building sites is ending up in the hands of authorized management companies, even though much of it can be reused “infinitely”


The curious Canary Islands rock formation that took just decades to settle

A chance discovery on Gran Canaria has captured the attention of scientists, who believe that this “mini Pamukkale” was formed thanks to an old rudimentary irrigation system


First half of 2018 sees lowest number of births in Spain since 1941

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women in science

Raising the profile of female scientists, one Wikipedia article at a time

British physicist Jessica Wade is on a mission to showcase achievers who have been ignored by their peers by adding their information to the online encyclopedia