Madrid court orders Ryanair to pay back hand luggage charge to passenger

The ruling describes the airline’s latest baggage policy as “abusive,” but the Irish low-cost carrier says that the case will not have any effect on its controversial rules


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 21, 2019

Catalan independence drive

Spain’s High Court opens investigation into Russian spying unit in Catalonia

Judge Manuel García-Castellón is probing whether an elite military group known as Unit 29155 carried out actions aimed at destabilizing the region during the separatist push


Could the Thirty Meter Telescope be built in Spain’s Canary Islands?

The scientific consortium behind the observatory now has all the permits it needs to start work on the €1.2 billion-project in La Palma, if it cannot go ahead with the plan in Hawaii

Catalan independence drive

Amnesty International calls for release of two Catalan separatist leaders

The rights group says that the Supreme Court trial covering the secessionist drive of October 2017 was not unfair, but that it made an overly broad interpretation of the crime of sedition


Brussels urges Spain to form “stable government” to deal with high debt

The European Commission warns about the risk of non-compliance with EU rules after Madrid submitted a budgetary plan for 2020 “based on a no-policy-change scenario”