The merit of Barça in La Liga

It is wrong to assume that success is defined by the Champions. The domestic league is a measure of a team’s strength and stamina, and an indication of consistency

Politician-eating beasts

Once the political system in some countries learns how to toss out a head of state, it seems to develop a taste for it, and starts doing it again and again

El Roto

El Roto cartoon, May 1, 2019

After stinging election defeat, PP chief Pablo Casado does strategy U-turn

Despite months of making overtures to far-right party Vox, the conservative leader has now dismissed the group, with a new campaign aimed at reclaiming the center ground

Who are the 24 new deputies from the Vox party in Spain’s Congress?

Retired members of the military, disillusioned former Popular Party politicians, an Arabic lecturer and a state solicitor are among the far-right group’s new parliamentarians