Ronaldo at Juventus: “I don’t think that Real Madrid fans are weeping”

At a somewhat somber official presentation on Monday at the Italian club, there was an air of melancholy about the player when he was reminded of the past


Spanish PM: “The decision is taken. We will soon exhume Franco’s remains”

Forty-five days after winning a no-confidence vote that ousted the Popular Party from power, Pedro Sánchez this morning laid out his plans for government in Congress


Undocumented migrants in Spain will have universal healthcare from day one

Draft decree eliminates need to register on municipal rolls and strikes the 90-day period limiting access to full services



Ros cartoon, July 17, 2018


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, July 17, 2018


Down the wrong path: Spanish city fights against fake signs on Camino de Santiago

Associations say some bar owners are altering official markings to get people to walk by their establishments, even if it means a risky detour


No wrongdoing in ex-Barça player’s liver transplant, says governing body

Spain’s National Transplant Organization concludes 2012 procedure on former soccer player Éric Abidal, from a living donor, was carried out “in accordance with the law”