High Court issues international arrest warrant for former Catalan premier

The Belgian prosecutor has stated that it will take action to apprehend Carles Puigdemont – who is currently in Brussels – as soon as it receives the European order

Crisis in Catalonia

US Senate addresses Russian interference in Catalonia on social media

Intelligence Committee questions Twitter, Facebook and Google on Moscow’s agitation in favor of secessionism


Spanish economy could lose €27bn over Catalan crisis, warns Bank of Spain

New report considers impact of uncertainty on consumption, investment, employment and financing


Serious offenses

While the incarceration of former members of the Catalan government may cause political problems, the justice system has an obligation to act

Catalan Crisis

Sacked Catalan leader attacks “runaway fury” of the Spanish state

Speaking from Belgium, Puigdemont criticizes judge’s decision to place his ministers in pre-trial custody