15-M, four years on: caught between rupture and regeneration

EL PAÍS asked participants of the Indignados movement to explain their leap into politics

Colombia changes course in drug war

Country to eliminate glyphosate fumigation, its main weapon against coca production


This week’s movie releases

Director George Miller’s post-apocalyptic road warrior returns in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


Homicides in Brazil reach historic high

Newly released figures from 2012 show 42,416 deaths from incidents involving firearms

Seeing the Prado in a new light

Major project to swap museum’s halogen lamps for LEDs brings details into sharp focus

Ex-PM Felipe González aims to fly to see Venezuelan dissidents on Monday

Former Spanish leader has offered legal assistance to jailed politicians López and Ledezma President Nicolás Maduro warns that he is not welcome in the country


Unlimited free WiFi to be made available at all Spanish airports

State agency AENA to award contract in October with service to begin two months after


Catalan nationalist parties outraged over order to take down flags

Central Electoral Commission issued a resolution ordering all ‘esteladas’ to be removed Anti-independence group claims they affect neutrality ahead of municipal and regional polls

Spain’s €1,000-a-month generation, one decade on

So-called ‘mileuristas’ have got used to their low-income lives since the term was coined