Sole win brings no comfort

Real Madrid labors to Champions League victory over Dinamo as Villarreal is sunk by Ribéry

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Minister says rebel PP regions will still receive compensation even if they do not apply revived levy

Unpaid La Mancha clinics stop abortions

Private entities say they will accept referrals from healthcare system in cases where health is at risk

Pirates may just want fuel from hijacked oil tanker

Five Spaniards among crew being held by pirates off the coast of Togo


Linguistic oversensitivity

The exaggerated posturing of nationalists and the PP distort relations between Catalonia and Spain

Unearthing a Neanderthal Madrileña

The discovery of remains in Pinilla del Valle provides scientists with exciting new information about homo sapiens' mysterious predecessor

Spanish or Catalan? A controversy that is anything but academic

Education experts fear that students will suffer as long as sterile arguments over outdated "linguistic immersion" approach rumble through the courts

Public healthcare cuts put Catalan government in a sick position

Hospitals order early patient discharges and put limits on diagnostic scans