Spanish dancer dies after being hit by flare during live show

The pyrotechnics accident that killed Joana Sáinz, 30, took place during a performance by the Super Hollywood Orchestra in a village in Ávila province

The accident was captured on video (Spanish narration).Photo: atlas

A Spanish dancer and choreographer died in the early hours of Sunday morning after being hit by an exploding flare during a live show in Las Berlanas, in Ávila province.

Joana Sáinz, 30, was performing with the Super Hollywood Orchestra when the freak accident took place. The show included a pyrotechnics display.

Isidoro López, manager of PRONES, a promotion company representing the orchestra, said he does not understand how it could have happened, but told the EFE news agency it might be due to “a manufacturing problem.”

He said that similar flares have been used “thousands of times” in past performances without any trouble. The devices are 25 centimeters long with a three-centimeter diameter, and the sparks last for about 15 seconds, the news agency reported.

Súper Hollywood has canceled its tour and its members are said to be shocked at the loss of an “excellent” colleague who had been with them for around six years.

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