‘Sister Bicycle’ – Motorists spot cycling nun speeding along Way of St. James

Video of Polish bride of Christ hunched behind her handlebars has quickly gone viral on social networks

The nun speeds along the Santiago Way.

A town bike with a little basket on the front. And riding it, a nun wearing a habit and sandals. Nothing unusual there – apart from the fact that the sister is hunched behind the handlebars, and traveling at great speed along a highway in the north of Spain.

That was the scene that a driver and his passenger came across a few days ago, when they drove past the nun, who is of Polish origin and was completing Spain’s famous Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) pilgrimage walk with a companion, according to local media outlet El Correo Gallego.

“Dude is that a nun?! Yes, yes! It’s a nun! It’s a nun giving it her all!

As the pair overtook her, they decided to record a video, which quickly went viral on social networks.

“Overtake her, overtake Sister Bicycle!” one of the occupants of the car can be heard saying. “Dude is that a nun?! Yes, yes! It’s a nun!” comes the response from the other. “It’s a nun giving it her all!” says the passenger, turning the camera to his face, as his companion collapses into fits of giggles.

Among the many responses the video garnered on social networks, one post is from a Twitter user who had also spotted and snapped photos of the sister and her companion while taking a break from the Way of St. James in a rest area near the A-8 freeway, close to Castro Urdiales in the region of Cantabria.

“We’ve found photos of #sisterbicycle at a rest area on the A-8, near Castro-Urdiales. Taken on July 7”

The video, which was published on July 20, already has more than 125,000 plays on YouTube. According to regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the sister took four years to complete the route from Poland, over a number of trips.

In the month of June alone, a total of 3,629 people completed the Way of St. James by bicycle.

English version by Simon Hunter.


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