Why a Facebook post about Spain’s public healthcare system went viral

Expectant mother Eva Castizo wrote that she wanted a symbolic invoice of all the services she had received, to highlight the importance of the country’s free healthcare


Fitting Civil War photos into images of modern-day Madrid

A collection created by Sebastian Maharg mixes striking black-and-white images from the 1936-39 conflict with full-color pictures of their present-day locations


Why can’t Spanish people sing the tune to ‘Happy Birthday’?

As one Twitter user recently pointed out in a viral thread, if you don’t get the first note right of this seemingly simple song, all hope is lost


One woman’s mission to document the Madrid bars that time forgot

On her blog, British journalist Leah Pattem pays tribute to 100 of the Spanish capital’s old-fashioned watering holes, which are slowly closing down or being replaced by franchises


How second-generation immigrants are transforming the landscape of Spanish society

Children born to foreigners are maintaining their connection to their parents’ culture while seeking out references that will help them forge their own identity


How much do you know about the Spanish Constitution?

Test your knowledge with this quiz taken from questions that appear in the citizenship test


Who’s who in ‘Narcos: Mexico’?

The latest season of the Netflix show follows the lives of the members of the Guadalajara Cartel, once the biggest drug empire in the world


Racism in Spain’s rental market: “They asked me what color my parents were”

Experiment reveals that finding a place to rent in Spain is harder if you are not white, with some ads advertising properties “only for Spaniards”


Is it illegal in Spain to insult God and the Virgin Mary?

An arrest warrant has been put out for Willy Toledo, an actor and activist who has attracted a lawsuit from a Christian association over comments he posted on Facebook


From Cowface to Vicious City – Twitter users translate Spanish place names

With more than 8,100 municipalities to choose from, it’s no surprise that the social network has been flooded with posts that find the funny side of the more curious monikers


Spanish journalist sexually assaulted while reporting live: “It’s embarrassing and unacceptable”

Elizabeth López is the latest female reporter to be harassed while doing her job


What do Spaniards find surprising about living in the UK?

Carpets, long socks and potato crisp sandwiches are just some of the things that have perplexed Spanish people in London

Russia World Cup

Journalist slams sexual harassment of female reporters covering World Cup

María Gomez has received a stream of sexist abuse while broadcasting live from the global sporting event


Why are people in Colombia talking about this news anchor’s hairstyle?

Mábel Lara’s decision to leave her hair curly has been hailed as an act of resistance for the Afro-Colombian community


“I don’t care a pepper”: Antonio Banderas offers crash course in Spanish slang

‘Vanity Fair’ asked the actor to translate odd expressions used in Spain. This is what he came up with – and more importantly, what they mean


#Cuéntalo: The hashtag women are using to tell their stories of abuse

Widespread indignation over lenience of sentence in “Running of the Bulls” gang rape case has prompted Twitter users to share shocking accounts of harassment


The picture of Trump’s Galician doppelgänger? That’s no hoax

The uncanny resemblance between 64-year-old Dolores Leis Antelo and the 45th president of the United States has caught the attention of the world’s media


This is what it feels like to be a youngster in Spain’s most deserted area

Mountain region between Guadalajara, Teruel and Cuenca has a lower population density than Lapland


Spanish photographer’s prizewinning images of Spain’s burst housing bubble

Markel Redondo used drones to capture these striking images of the country’s abandoned property developments

Early Spring in Spain

Spanish town of Cieza showcases annual attraction: orchards in full bloom

The explosion of color can be seen across the countryside from mid-February to the middle of March


“I was struck by lightning, in a coma, and won bronze in para-cycling”

There is a one in 10,000,000 chance of getting hit by lightning in Spain. Joan Reinoso was the one.


I have celiac disease, my girlfriend is vegan, and we’ve heard all the jokes already

On our first date, I told my girlfriend, “we’ll never have dinner together”


The curious tale of a photoshopped Jesus, a €480 fine, and the Streisand effect

A court has ordered a youngster from Jaén to pay up after an image he shared raised the ire of a religious group – but has the case just drawn more attention to the original photo?

Healthy Living

A challenge worth the weight, as Galician town looks to shed 100,000kgs

The La Coruña locality Narón has launched an innovative diet project to tackle spiraling obesity rates

Armed Forces

I’m 24 and a soldier in an infantry unit

Natalia Ortiz is one of the growing number of people who see the Armed Forces as a vocation


The 15 most-shared photos of the Catalan independence referendum

Images from yesterday’s violent clashes spread widely across social media platforms

Referendum in Catalonia

National Police arrive in Barcelona on ferry decorated with Looney Tunes

As tensions between Madrid and Catalonia reach boiling point, Twitter users find the funny side of the peculiar choice of vessel