immigration in europe

Turning 18: The second ordeal for migrant children who make it to Spain

Thousands of unaccompanied minors reach Europe every year, but those who end up on Spanish shores face bureaucratic hurdles and overcrowded centers once the system that took them in leaves them to fend for themselves

The New Arrivals

The lucrative business of securing Europe’s borders

Private companies are playing an increasingly important role in preventing immigrants from entering the EU

When making flamenco dresses is not just a job, but a way in

African, Latin American and Arabic women are training in a sewing workshop run by a Seville foundation that offers employment opportunities and valuable contacts


The woman who will turn off her phone when the war in Syria is over

Souad Benkaddour, a Moroccan living in Madrid, has helped hundreds of Syrians as they pass through Spain to the promised land of northern Europe


Khaled’s two journeys to Spain

He was the first Syrian national to seek asylum at the Melilla border station. A bureaucratic glitch saw him flee the country to seek refuge elsewhere in Europe, but he was sent back to Spain. Now, Khaled is a happy Madrid resident who holds a job and dreams of opening his own restaurant one day


The odyssey of the new Europeans

Immigrants are at the center of an intense political debate in Europe. EL PAÍS is starting a series of feature articles to understand this phenomenon. The newspaper will be following a group of soccer players from Alma de África, a sports initiative in Andalusia to help undocumented migrants settle in Spain