Venezuela-Cuba relations

The secret memo to Raúl Castro

“We have managed to control the nation with the largest oil reserves on the planet without firing a single shot and without openly involving our armed forces. And we have done it without the world realizing that the Venezuelan government’s most important decisions are made by us”

Gun Control

Four American Tragedies

The US government is failing to protect its citizens from the predatory behavior of some corporations. Irresponsibly lax gun control, the opioid epidemic, pharmaceutical price gouging and the ravages of climate change are just four examples

Elections in Venezuela

What Zapatero Knows

Venezuelans want to vote, but not in elections where traps and tricks will guarantee the continuity of this government

World Development Report

Education: The world’s biggest scam?

The problem is no longer the lack of schooling but rather that once children get there, they do not learn

World Economic Forum

The anxious euphoria of Davos

Before, companies needed financial, human, technological and brand capital to succeed. From here on they will also need digital capital


While we were not paying attention

Thanks to policy on nuclear weapons and energy independence, the illusion that the US does not need the rest of the world may look more real than ever to lawmakers


Maduro doesn’t matter

He is simply the useful idiot, the puppet of those who really rule Venezuela


Why Do Dictators like to Appear Democratic?

Democracy contributes the most precious ingredient for tyrants: legitimacy


Is War Between the United States and China Inevitable?

International hegemony of the Western powers, namely the US and Europe, could be coming to an end

US Politics

What can Trump learn from Al Capone and Richard Nixon?

What typically brings down people in power is the cover up, not the crime

US Politics

Is Trump Really Crazy?

The president exhibits the classic symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder

Opioid Crisis

Dying white Americans

A new study documents why mortality is higher among poorly educated whites

Arab world

Asphyxiated Arabs

In three years it will be necessary to create 60 million jobs for young people in the region

US Politics

Donald Trump’s three wars... and those that are yet to come

The variety, intensity, vindictiveness, and, at times, the banality of the conflicts coming from Trump are not normal


America’s Second Civil War

Some novels make us feel that situations that today appear to be implausible might not be so far-fetched after all

US Politics

Five Ideas that Trump Killed

Trump has put an end to the idea that corruption and nepotism at the highest levels of government can only flourish in banana republics

Climate Change

Exit the United States and enter… who?

Leadership in the fight against global warming is moving from the White House to Europe and China

US Politics

How to Dismantle a Superpower

The New World Order will be defined by those who fill the power gaps left by the United States