Spanish soccer team prints racist slurs on jerseys to fight discrimination

Instead of their names, the players from Alma de África wore shirts bearing the insults they still get called during games


Spanish soccer players held for match-fixing in top divisions

Police arrest nearly a dozen people, including the alleged ringeader Raúl Bravo, a former Real Madrid footballer who also played on the national team


¿Qué? podcast, S02E04: Chaos in Congress and vibrator prizes

This week we discuss the antics that took place during the inaugural session of the lower house, and talk about the outrageous award given to a women’s squash team in Spain


Female squash players in Spain shocked at tournament prize: leg wax and a vibrator

The athletes who won a championship in Asturias say the award highlights “structural sexism” in sport and have filed a complaint that has led to club resignations


Griezmann: The right moment

The news that the French forward would be leaving in the run up to the summer market is the best possible scenario, both for Atlético and for the player himself


Why a medical convention could be more profitable for Madrid than the Champions League final

The annual congress of the European Society for Medical Oncology is expected to bring 200,000 overnight stays and generate around €65 million


Guardiola: Dreamer, fanatic and artist

The things that the Manchester City manager is doing are so spectacular that his influence is steering soccer toward never-before-seen greatness


How to explain the inexplicable

Liverpool took advantage of the stage fright prompted by Anfield, but Barça helped the situation along with its own fears of the game


The Premier League, in the mirror of Europe

To insist that the ball spends more time in the air than on the pitch in English soccer is to flog a debate that has long since been closed


Iker Casillas: “I don’t know what my future holds”

Now out of hospital after suffering a heart attack, the Spanish sporting star is in good spirits but is unsure if he will return to playing top-level soccer


Piqué: the kind of guy who could smoke a cigar in a bombing raid

The Barcelona defender and Van Dijk don’t need to do anything special to ensure that all eyes are on them. Being special is enough


Xavi’s Plan B

The former player has the great qualities needed to be a special manager: knowledge, passion, charisma and that conciliatory sprit that forges a team


Iker Casillas stable after heart attack, but will he play again?

Spanish goalkeeper who now plays for FC Porto may never go back to top-level soccer, say some cardiologists


The merit of Barça in La Liga

It is wrong to assume that success is defined by the Champions. The domestic league is a measure of a team’s strength and stamina, and an indication of consistency


We were the lazy ones

These days, soccer players have to contest 10 or 20 more games a year than we did in my day, while pre-season matches are played out in paradisiacal destinations at 40ºC in the shade


Deconstructing Messi

It would never occur to me to say that Messi is more than Di Stéfano, Pelé, Cruyff or Maradona. But nor is he less


The Champions League and the legacy of Johan

Ajax and Tottenham are seeing their dreams come true, making something that looks very complicated simple: winning with a well-defined identity


Divine Cazorla

The Asturian player reminds us that great soccer is stored in a tank that has been filled with wisdom, thanks to genes and practice, an is released when inspiration strikes


The boldness of Ajax

At the Dutch club’s academy, they cultivate a sporting arrogance in a positive sense: we are Ajax and this is our style. You have to be brave. And this attitude has borne the fruit of a generation of daring young players


The unusual rotations of Manchester United

Many were surprised by the choice of Solskjaer, but the club has opted for a person with human-management skills rather than someone who leads by imposition


Women’s soccer game in Spain smashes turnout world record

More than 60,700 people came out to watch Atlético Madrid and Barcelona in the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina, the biggest crowd ever for a match between female clubs


Spanish former pilot of plane in which soccer player Emiliano Sala died: “It didn’t fall to pieces”

Eduardo Hernández talks to EL PAÍS about his previous experiences flying the aircraft that crashed over the English Channel while carrying the Argentine forward


Soccer coach José Mourinho accepts one-year jail sentence for tax fraud in Spain

The former Real Madrid manager, who will also have to pay a €2-million fine, joins a long list of stars to be accused of fiscal crimes by the Spanish justice system


Record-breaking turnout for women’s soccer game in Spain

The quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina received more spectators than any other female sports competition in the country


Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo flies to Madrid to sign 23-month jail sentence

The Portuguese player, who will not be going to prison, has admitted to tax fraud committed while he was living in Spain as part of a deal with the public prosecutor


Star of ‘Eight Basque Surnames’ releases video of horrific bike crash

Spanish actor Dani Rovira and a colleague were struck by a vehicle on a French road while completing a charity challenge, and were miraculously left unhurt


Spanish soccer star forced to apologize over “blackface” controversy

To coincide with Kings Day, former FC Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta shared a picture of himself with men in costume as the Three Kings, one of whom was wearing black make-up