Five of Spain’s most captivating castles

Travel writer Paco Nadal lists his favorite fortresses in the country, and explains why they are so special

Animal welfare in Spain

Eighty-kilo passenger limit takes a weight off the shoulders of Mijas’s donkeys

New guidelines have been introduced in the southern Spanish town aimed at protecting the welfare of the animals, who are used for rides and a “taxi service” for tourists


Spain continues to have one of the worst levels of English in Europe

A new study places the country in 25th spot on a list of 33 European states with respect to its proficiency in the language

Gender equality

Spanish region to ban gendered school uniforms

The initiative from the Valencia regional government will ensure that no student will be “forced to wear a skirt because of their sex”


13 magical fall getaways in Asturias

Whether you fancy being a miner for the day or prefer to wash away the cobwebs at the magical Xurbeo waterfall, here are some ideas of how to enjoy Spain’s beautiful northwestern region this autumn

Sustainable living

Eco-friendly Barcelona: Trend or truth?

This week on our Trans-Iberian blog, May Ponzo explores the Gràcia neighborhood to see whether locals are genuinely environmentally conscious, or whether new habits are just an extension of a health fad


The thankless job of a grandparent: “It’s exhausting, but I can’t say no”

Spanish illustrator Joly Navarro Rognoni is using humor to showcase how seniors often feel obligated to care for their grandchildren, whether they are willing to or not


Clocks to go back one hour this weekend as Daylight Saving Time ends

At 3am on October 27 Spaniards will gain an hour, a practice that the European Union wants to end by 2021


Why I’m joining the climate protests, and you should too

James Bryce, a Briton living in Spain, may not be an environmental “saint” – he is not a vegetarian, he owns a car, and he flies from time to time. But regular folks like him still can and must do their part to pressure governments into taking urgent action, he argues on our TransIberian blog


“There are no bartenders like me any more, I’m a museum piece”

EL PAÍS speaks to Amadeo Lázaro, the 90-year-old owner of the iconic tavern Casa Amadeo, about success, preparing snails and why he has no plans to retire


The Spanish businessman who hunted a museum’s worth of animals

There are plans to put 1,250 of the trophies personally killed by Marcial Gómez Sequeira, the former president of the private healthcare insurer Sanitas, on display in Extremadura


Piracy in Spain falls thanks to boom in streaming platforms

According to a new survey from the Culture Ministry, 52% of Spaniards have a subscription to an online service, which in turn has led to a drop in the number of illegal downloads

Racism in Spain

After Justin Trudeau’s “brownface” row, should Spain change its attitudes?

The Canadian prime minister was forced to apologize after photos of him in costume emerged, so why is the practice still seen as inoffensive among many Spaniards?


Granada town rallies round beauty queen after racist criticism from Vox

The far-right party slammed the 16-year-old for being “a young Moroccan girl,” adding that the winner at the local fiestas should have been “Spanish and better looking”


Are early school schedules leaving Spanish teens “jet lagged”?

According to one pediatrician, starting the first class of the day an hour later would improve secondary students’ academic performance and behavior


Court rejects Spanish man’s claim that parents should keep supporting him

A 24-year-old has sued his divorced mother and father for financial aid, six years after moving out of the family home


The mystery of the blue shark sightings in Galicia

‘Prionace glauca’ pups, which are not a threat to humans, have been coming close to the Spanish shore

Spanish fiestas

Spanish dancer dies after being hit by flare during live show

The pyrotechnics accident that killed Joana Sáinz, 30, took place during a performance by the Super Hollywood Orchestra in a village in Ávila province


The Spanish “anti-napkin” – why does it still exist?

Unlikely as it may sound, there is a role in life for those old-fashioned wipes that do such a poor job of cleaning


Life in a Chucky costume in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol

In the landmark square, around 30 people dress up as different characters to earn around €50 a day


Why Spain has become a nightmare for the endangered turtledove

Thirteen autonomous regions are ignoring Brussels and allowing this symbol of eternal love to be hunted, despite the country’s implication in the species’ dwindling numbers


Making sheep cheese with solar power

A young shepherd from a village in Castellón has raised €7,200 for the project, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of farming while creating a high-quality artisan product


Benidorm, the pioneering resort disdained in Spain but praised abroad

Applauded for its sustainability but vilified for triggering mass tourism, the coastal city has some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the country


Quiz: Can you guess where these cathedrals are located in Spain?

Spain is home to 88 cathedrals but not all of them are easily recognizable. Take this test to see whether you can correctly identify where these 15 can be found


Are Spaniards the worst drivers in Europe?

A new study from the Spanish Royal Automobile Club has surveyed residents of 15 EU countries to find out which has the worst and best habits when it comes to road safety


Women now free to go topless in all of Barcelona’s municipal pools

City Hall has ordered sports centers to get rid of any regulation that stops female swimmers from dressing as they wish


Welcome to Micropolix, Madrid’s capitalist theme park for kids

In this mini-city, children play at being adults: they get jobs, open bank accounts and obssess about money