Why you shouldn’t be afraid to take public transportation amid the Covid-19 pandemic

According to Spanish health experts, the risk of contagion on buses and trains is low thanks to safety measures, like the use of face masks, as well as improved ventilation systems


Madrid’s primary healthcare crisis: not enough doctors for so many patients

Regional leaders have pledged to invest €80 million to revamp an underresourced system, but professionals are skeptical as they struggle to cope with a second wave of Covid-19


Catalonia reports four cases of Covid-19 reinfection, with one patient in intensive care

According to an epidemiologist, a doctor is currently in the ICU after contracting the coronavirus for a second time while on vacation in August


Spain ends last week with record-high rise in coronavirus cases: 12,183 in 24 hours

The country registered its worst incidence of the virus on Friday, with 238 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but the situation is still far from what it was in spring


Spanish volunteer in Oxford vaccine trial: ‘For me the real risk is that people aren’t vaccinated’

EL PAÍS talks to Ezequiel Martín about why he decided to participate in the coronavirus study and how he feels about the fact that one of the participants has fallen ill


What students think about going back to school amid the health crisis

Twelve children and teenagers from Spain discuss how they feel about face masks, social distancing and class bubbles – and what politicians got wrong when dealing with the coronavirus crisis


Spanish court sends ex-colonel to prison for 1989 Jesuit killings in El Salvador

Over three decades after a massacre that drew international attention, Inocente Orlando Montano was found guilty of "terrorist" crimes


Spain reports record rise in coronavirus cases: 10,764 in 24 hours

But health authorities say transmission is “stabilizing,” while the fatality rate has fallen to 0.6%


First Madrid student tests positive for Covid-19: ‘The mother brought her in knowing she could have coronavirus’

Since schools reopened, 53 cases have been detected in educational centers across Spain, according to the education minister


Spanish government to open new shelters in Canary Islands amid surge in migrant arrivals

More than 4,000 people have arrived in the archipelago since the beginning of the year, a sevenfold rise on 2019 figures


Spain reports 8,866 new coronavirus cases, but incidence falls in Madrid

The Andalusian government has been accused of hiding community transmission of Covid-19 in Costa del Sol, and five people have been arrested for stealing nearly one million face masks


Despite Covid-19, ‘botellón’ culture persists in Madrid

Many youths are still meeting in public parks to drink alcohol though they say they’re aware of the risks


Four areas of Spain’s Palma de Mallorca to be confined due to Covid-19

Authorities will restrict resident movement in these neighborhoods for at least 15 days to curb transmission


Police find crowd of 75 at clandestine bar and brothel in Madrid

No Covid-19 safety measures were being observed, and the premises did not have a license


Spain to negotiate travel corridors to its islands with Britain, Germany

Foreign minister says she will also reach out to Scandinavian countries in a bid to save the winter tourism season in the Canaries


The story of Madrid’s abandoned ‘beach’ for its working class

Built in 1932 in a style reminiscent of Le Corbusier and used by Robert Capa for a famous photograph, the landmark site is in a state of complete neglect after years of payment defaults


Woman arrested for surfing in northern Spain after testing positive for Covid-19

The lifeguard was handcuffed and taken away by police for ignoring calls to return to the shore. A video of the arrest went viral within hours


As schools reopen, Spain sees highest spike in new cases of second Covid-19 wave

Madrid continues to be the region of greatest concern, with the cumulative incidence of the virus reaching 520 cases per 100,000 inhabitants


The Spanish family wrongly accused of child pornography due to a mistake reading a date

An alert from a US organization followed American month-day-year usage, but this was misread by investigators in Spain. As a result, four people went through a nightmare situation


EL PAÍS reaches 110,000 subscribers after launching digital subscription model

In just four months, 64,200 readers have signed up to receive unlimited access to the publication’s online content, placing the newspaper as the leader of Spain’s press market


Total coronavirus infections in Spain rise to more than 500,000

The new figure was reported by the regions on the same day that 13 people were arrested at a protest against Covid-19 safety measures and restrictions


Spanish diplomacy working to secure less strict travel restrictions

Madrid reaches out to Brussels, Germany and Britain in a bid to provide some relief to tourism industry which has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic


Madrid to restrict numbers at social events and increase distancing in bars and restaurants

The central Health Ministry reported 1,200 new coronavirus cases in the region on Thursday, with a further 2,859 added to the historical series


Could Catalonia’s growing marijuana market lead to a ‘narco-economy’?

A regional police report warns about the dangers behind a drug that is driving increased violence between growers and criminal groups

Madrid to implement new coronavirus restrictions after pressure from neighboring regions

Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha are calling for coordinated action given fears over the exportation of cases from the capital, as took place in the first wave


Spain reports 9,000 new coronavirus cases, but spread of second wave is slowing

Neither epidemiological experts nor the Health Ministry are ruling out a strong uptick in cases in the coming days, as schools reopen and Spaniards return home from their summer vacations


Spain’s health minister rules out new lockdown, Madrid perimeter confinement

Speaking during a radio interview, Salvador Illa said such measures would not be “appropriate” at the present time, despite rising coronavirus infection rates