Spanish PM announces ‘unique’ vaccination strategy via the country’s primary healthcare system

Pedro Sánchez said that a “substantial” part of the population will be vaccinated in the first quarter of 2021 and warned that Christmas this year will be “different but safe”


The Spaniard who holds the record for breaking records

Whether it's going up 2,000 steps while juggling or running backwards with flippers on his feet, Christian López has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records


Spanish PM predicts that ‘very substantial’ part of population could be vaccinated during first quarter of 2021

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Friday that his Cabinet will approve a coronavirus vaccination plan on Tuesday, adding: “We are ready”


Spain’s new education law hampered by lack of consensus

Congress on Thursday approved a bill that the political right has vowed to fight tooth and nail, in a replay of the discord triggered by seven earlier reforms


Madrid will close its borders for 10 days in early December

Mobility will be restricted in the region between the 4th and 13th to prevent mass transit during two back-to-back holidays


Spain’s Constitutional Court backs express deportations

The ruling gives the government the legal backing to continue to send migrants straight back to Morocco instead of processing them first in Spain


Coronavirus incidence rate falls in most Spanish regions

The 14-day cumulative number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants now stands at 436, which is still far above the 250 considered to indicate a situation of “extreme risk”


Why have Spain’s schools not turned into coronavirus hotspots?

Fears that reopening centers would lead to large outbreaks have failed to materialize with only 1.5% of classes in the country quarantined. EL PAÍS talked to experts to find out why


Catalonia announces more flexible coronavirus deescalation measures

Bars and restaurants will be allowed to close later than initially planned following industry criticism and an internal government crisis


Credible relationships and flexibility: how tech transfer works in times of Covid-19

The success story of an entrepreneur from Costa Rica shows that we can achieve equitable access to life-saving healthcare equipment by matching innovators and manufacturers in developing countries


Coordination failures led to early evacuation of 200 migrants in Spain’s Canary Islands

The immigrants are housed in hotels while authorities race to provide adequate public facilities amid a surge in arrivals


Spain sets new seven-day record for Covid deaths in second wave

The Health Ministry added 351 victims to the official toll on Wednesday, bringing the cumulative number of fatalities in the past week to 1,346


Spain authorizes Phase 3 trial of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine

Nine Spanish hospitals will participate in a test that seeks to analyze the efficacy and safety of the drug on 30,000 volunteers from nine countries


Spanish mother convicted of 2013 child murder found dead inside her prison cell

Rosario Porto was serving an 18-year sentence for the killing of 12-year-old Asunta Basterra


What Christmas in Catalonia will look like under coronavirus restrictions

The regional government's plan for a gradual reopening of activities preserves strict limits on social gatherings and travel during the holiday season


Spain adds 435 coronavirus deaths to official toll, the highest single-day figure of the second wave

The incidence rate has been falling since November 2, but more than 1.5 million cases have been detected since the beginning of the pandemic


Regional border closures extended in parts of Spain

Valencia, Cantabria and Castilla-La Mancha decide to keep their perimeters sealed, while Catalonia plans to partially reopen bars and restaurants


Spain reports 38,273 new coronavirus cases and adds 484 victims since Friday

The incidence rate has fallen in nearly all regions and territories, while pressure on intensive care units is also beginning to ease


Alicante, 1918: The other pandemic that also stigmatized the poor

Historical studies show that efforts to eradicate the "Spanish flu" by razing low-income districts in the Mediterranean city probably helped spread disease even further


Most Spaniards support a second home lockdown, according to new poll

A survey conducted for EL PAÍS shows that 71% of respondents believe coronavirus restrictions aimed at protecting health should be prioritized over the economy


Growing migrant crisis in Canary Islands pushes Spanish government to action

Madrid promises more facilities, deportations and diplomatic efforts to stem the surge, while regional leaders warn about the risk of political profit for the far right


Just 24% of Spaniards would get Covid vaccine as soon as possible

According to a survey carried out by 40dB for EL PAÍS, four in every 10 people in Spain believe there is a conspiracy behind the vaccinations


New documentary breaks silence on Franco-era cop’s culture of torture

In his latest project, director Max Lemcke is giving back a voice to the victims of “Billy the Kid,” one of the dictatorship’s most notorious police officer


Madrid region lifts coronavirus restrictions in 10 areas

But transparency watchdog criticizes the Health Ministry for its failure to reply to citizens' requests for information during coronavirus pandemic


Long Covid: young, female and feeling sick six months after recovery

A survey of over 2,000 cases in Spain shows how the disease can have lingering after-effects, including extreme fatigue and "brain fog"


Spain’s latest ‘Ecce Homo’: how a botched restoration made global headlines

What was once the face of a shepherdess has been completely disfigured, with the figure now drawing comparisons to Donald Trump


Thousands of workers in Spain could be laid off as second coronavirus wave bites

Unions and employer associations warn that distressed companies will not be able to retain workers returning from the ERTE furlough scheme, while the understaffed national employment services struggle to pay out jobless benefits with as much as four-month delays